About Us

EfesanPort, which became a part of Efesan Group in 2008, has a very favorable and preferable location for transportation due to its proximity to the major industrial and commercial enterprises as well as to the main arteries.

EfesanPortÔÇÖs port area and its hinterland consists of a total of 155,000 m2 at Dilovas─▒ Organized Industrial Zone, which is home to significant corporations for the industrial and commercial life of Turkey. At only 600 m distance to the D-100 (E-5) Highway and 2 km to the TEM Highway, EfesanPort is 55 km away from Istanbul, the heart of the countryÔÇÖs industry and trade, and 40 km from Kocaeli. In addition to the advantages of its location, EfesanPort is adorned with modern heavy equipment, machinery and specialized staff required to provide handling services to all types of general cargoes, dry bulk cargoes, project cargoes and automobiles. Moreover, Efesanport has been building the second phase of its logistic center on the upper side of the port area, of which the first phase has been completed already.

This center will be a custom bonded indoor and outdoor multi-story vehicle storage and a multi-shelf warehouse for general and dry bulk cargoes with an operational area of 228.000 m2, on the completion of the second phase. Efesanport has been continuing its works on renewing infrastructure, and the improvement and sustainability of new service areas in an institutional manner since 2008.

EfesanPort has started the construction of Efesan Logistic Center, which will be offered to all producers, logistic companies, importers, exporters to utilize it soon. Annually, a total of 2.500.000 tons of general cargoes, dry bulk cargoes and project cargoes are handled at EfesanPort which are subject to export, import and cabotage regimes, while the port also has a capacity of handling 300.000 units of wheeled and tracked vehicles.