EfesanPort extends its services to its customers in line with the quality, environmental and safety policies. EfesanPort works under a structure, in which duly trained personnel and modern equipment ensures all measures required for the maintenance, control and protection of the environment within the port area are taken.

EfesanPort has been physically secured with high walls and wire fences in line with regulations, and its entrance and exit gates have been designed in accordance with port and custom regulation standards aiming the easiest and safest passage.The facilities are equipped with a modern camera system (CCTV) that provides 24-hour monitoring of the facility. EfesanPort employs experienced security staff duly trained in compliance with the requirements of the Law No. 5188 and the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) standards.

Moving from its ÔÇśhuman firstÔÇÖ principle, and training its employees by specialist OHS institutions, EfesanPort ensures operational health and safety requirements are met in the operation area and that the area is audited by OHS experts.

For the proactive prevention of environmental risks, efficient measures are taken, that are compatible with the emergency action plans in place. EfesanPort is committed to continue its relentless efforts of prevention of environmental pollution and continuous improvement, development and sustainability of environmental safety with the participation of its employees , therefore handing down a more livable world to the next generations. All required equipment (joker boat, barrier, net, etc.) for response efforts to environmental

incidents that may erupt despite all prior measures are maintained in a well-cared and ready-to-use state. At the port area, checks and inspections are conducted by the institutions specialized on the environmental health. Any waste that may arise is delivered to the recycling and destruction facilities by specialized companies and institutions within the framework of the solid waste management plan and dangerous waste management plans in accordance with the pertinent laws and regulations, with these operations prioritizing the zero-tolerance principle in this regard.


Efesanport who performs its operations in light of technological advancements, integrates information technologies to its processes in order to improve its port and terminal services.

Through its Port Operating System, Efesanport keeps a recording of all data during and after the loading, unloading and storage activities.

Efesanport is being monitored with over 143 cameras all over the operational area to ensure the security of the operations and the cargoes. The cameras are monitored and recorded for 24 hours 7 days a week.

The data and information of the customers and the suppliers are kept in a number of data centers in different locations to prevent any operational data loss.

EfesanPort’s fiber infrastructure ensures that transactions are carried out quickly. At Efesanport, where all operations are supported by modern technology, the ship personnel can also benefit from wireless internet connection through a password they obtain from the Efesanport office.