Efesanport’s service quality, aims to be a model port contributes sustainable development by acting in line with national and international legal obligations and standards and constantly improving integrated management systems with its Integrated Management Systems and Green Port created in light of its environment.

For this purpose, as Efesanport;

· To provide port handing, warehousing and logistics services to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations in national and international markets,

· To continuously improve service quality and infrastructure by closely following technological developments and applications in the sector,

· To comply with all the conditions that we are obliged to fulfill and undertake,

· To provide the necessary infrastructure, technology, human and financial resources for goals and planning towards targets,

· By actively carrying out Risk Assessment studies, we aim to identify, eliminate and possible eliminate hazards, obstacles and barriers that may have a negative impact on the functioning of the system,

· To protect environmental balance and natural resources by using energy effectively and efficiently,

· To ensure the protection of the environment by preventing pollution during activities and to reduce waste generation.

· To obtain the opinions of employees regarding the Occupational Health and Safety Management System and to create healthy and safe working conditions to prevent occupational accidents, injuries and health deterioration by including them in the decision making stages,

We commit.