HR Values

  • We touch our employees in a respectful, equal and equitable way.
    We behave in an open, sincere, and positive way in our internal communication. We work with a sense of giving priority to humans at first and consider smiling as an opportunity for motivation. We create a respect-dominated working environment and behave in a way so as to accept mutual rights and responsibilities, principles and approach our employees and shareholders honestly and equitably.
  • We are deeply bound with ethical rules and we are trustable.
    In the light of laws and social values, we behave in conformity with ethical rules, honestly and fairly. We are very sensitive of the private data of our employees and shareholders, we consider this data as ÔÇťfiduciaryÔÇŁ and we trust ourselves with both our expertise at business and our behaviours.
  • We act with a sense of responsibility in unity.
    We respect each other and trust each other. We consider the success as the success of all of us and work with the sense of Efesan family. We take further steps as a team with the sense of unity and responsibility towards our employees and shareholders and conduct our missions with this principle.
  • Being open to new ideas.
    We follow up and encourage innovations. We work with the aim of creating a difference at our work and achieving excellence. We create an idea of sustainability at out employees and support constant development and adopt this.
  • We are Solution-oriented.
    We do not leave our employees and executives unsettled, we scrutinize the matter and look for the answer of what we can do. We find fair, permanent and reasonable solutions in accordance with Efesan culture, company rules, and laws.