Integrated Management System

Efesanport aims to be a pioneer corporation by implementing integrated management systems it generated through its mission, vision and values which are focused on humanitarian and environmental themes, and by operating in light of legal its responsibilities while contributing to sustainable development.

We, as Efesanport, promise to act to meet our customers’ needs and expectations of port, terminal, storage, and logistic services locally and globally, and to create a safe working place for our employees and third parties, as well as to monitor, protect and sustain the environment and nature.

Our Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy is to;

Provide effective lines of communication and efficient operations to satisfy our customers

* Abiding by the legal rules and regulations of occupational health and safety to prevent occupational-work accidents and occupational illnesses.

* Control and stop the environmental pollution at its source and abide by all legal rules and regulations.

* Provide all the necessary information and documentation to achieve our goals and objectives,

* Follow and when indicated implement the improvements and innovations in the sector,

* Implementing continuous improvement and development strategies in light of the needs and expectations of our customer and employees through technological developments.

* To satisfy management system certification (ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety) requirements in an organized and systematic manner, to improve and develop the effectiveness of all processes.

All of our employees will help Efesanport to reach its targets through carrying out their operations as part of the Quality, Enviromental and Occupational Health and Safety policies.